A Snoring Cure That Is Worth Considering

There are a number of different snoring cure products as well as therapies to treat people that snore and using these products and therapies one can put an end to this disruptive snoring malady. One may use medical mouth devices, medical nasal devices, medical nasal dilator devices, as well as hearing protection devices for a snoring cure. The idea is to stay healthy and take care of the health problems and take a number of steps that would help to successfully negotiate the problem of snoring. One option that is open to the person that snores is to undertake surgery as a means of snoring cure and although the results may often prove to be disappointing there are a few different categories of surgeries that can be used for a snoring cure.

Open the Airways by Enlarging the Throat

Palatopharyngoplasty is the name given to surgery that enlarges the throat at the tonsillar level. This would require of the surgeon to take out bits of the tonsils as well as some of the uvula and soft palate to allow more room for air to flow and also reduces the amount of vibratory tissue in the throat. This may be a short term advantage that stops most people from storing though, according to research studies, in a couple of years only fifty percent of the patients that have undergone this surgical procedure report having their snoring stopped or markedly improved. Another and less expensive alternative to Palatopharyngoplasty is laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty that makes use of laser techniques to reduce the length of the uvula as well as vaporize parts of the patient’s palate. Though Palatopharyngoplasty is undertaken using general anesthetic, uvulopalatoplasty needs only local anesthetic. The effectiveness of this form of surgery may be marginally better than Palatopharyngoplasty though the patient has reported that snoring did return within two years or so after surgery, though there are also studies that show marked improvement in the patient’s snoring.

The third type of surgery is cautery-assisted uvulopalatoplasty in which the physician needs to use cautery equipment in place of lasers and this entails that a heated wire or electrode be used to burn most or all of the uvula and the effectiveness of this form of treatment is the same as for other surgical operations for snoring cure and this procedure is easy to perform as well as less painful.