Facts Related to Bleeding Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

A bleeding thrombosed hemorrhoid may not be considered dangerous but it can be extremely painful. It can be of either a soft or hard nature and is often referred to as a tag, which is similar to a lump or a mass of skin. It appears to be blue in color because of the lack of blood flowing through it but can turn red if irritated. When blood is restricted in a vein, in the anus or rectum, the vein will split and blood gets trapped, forming a clot under the skin resulting in a thrombosed hemorrhoid. It is easily identifiable, either visually or by being felt, and while bleeding is not common it does happen.

The causes of a bleeding thrombosed hemorrhoid include, among other things, straining, sitting or standing for extended amounts of time, especially during childbirth. A thrombosed hemorrhoid may go away on its own as the blood clots break up and become absorbed back into the body. If it is very painful and continues to grow it is possible that surgery may be necessary.

As an alternative to surgery, sufferers of such a thrombosed hemorrhoid may find relief in over the counter treatments or home remedies. Some of the things you could use are creams and warm baths which are known by many to cause certain relief. There are also suggestions of changing ones diet to help resolve constipation and soften stools by adding fiber. Another alternative is medication which uses herbal and botanical extracts which sooth inflammation and increase venous circulation and is said to have no side affects.

If surgery is necessary, it is often done right in your doctor’s office on an outpatient basis. There are various procedures by which a blood clot or thrombosed hemorrhoid is extracted. One of the methods entails making a small incision directly above the clot and squeezing it out but this particular procedure may allow clots to reform while having the clot surgically removed may offer better results depending on the severity of the clot.  In either of these cases, a local anesthesia is used to numb the area prior to treatment.

If surgery is to be done it is recommended to do so as soon as symptoms are noticed, typically within the first few days if the level of relief is to be most significant. However, there still is the possibility that the bleeding thrombosed hemorrhoid will go away on its own.