My Canadian Pharmacy Rx – a Good Online Pharmacy to Shop for Generic Drugs

The internet transformed the way we think about shopping in general. The amount of various e-Commerce projects boomed in 2010s and has been on a steady increase ever since. While the variety of options is unimaginable, you have to choose your trusted stores wisely in order to avoid problems. We decided to review one of the stores in details to give you an opportunity to shop in one of the best online outlets.

My Canadian Pharmacy has a long history in the online market. By creating an efficient network of suppliers and efficiently promoting their brand, this enterprise managed to attract a lot of customers and distribute millions of medication packages all over North America.

What My Canadian Pharmacy Sells

My Canadian Pharmacy is best known for its expansive catalogue of generic drugs. Products like generic Viagra and Cialis became wildly popular roughly a decade ago. Companies like My Canadian Pharmacy decided to expand and start working mostly in the internet allowing a wide audience of buyers to get acquainted with generics.

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Generic is essentially a copy of a brand drug. Generics may have minor differences in terms of contents and provide additional effects, but they still work pretty much like the original drug. At the same time, most of generics are produced and developed in offshore zones and countries where pharmaceutical industry is less expensive in general. In Turkey, India, and China businesses enjoy special taxing and cheaper labor force meaning that administrative expenses are much lower compared to more advanced economies.

Cheaper high quality drugs are the future of the market and medicine in general. “Everyone should have access to cheaper options when it comes to medications”, says Mike Dean, one of distribution directors at My Canadian Pharmacy, “we try to create a perfect environment where people can buy affordable drugs and do not have to overpay for branding. Our mission is to create a world in which people can easily purchase anything they need online including Rx.”

My Canadian Pharmacy focuses on providing high quality cheap alternatives to popular drugs for digestion problems, mental issues, men’s health, and many other. With a rich catalogue with hundreds of items, this company certainly has leading positions in the market.

Advantages for Customers

Intern shopping in general has a lot of benefits for all customers. You can sit in your chair and enjoy your cup of coffee while browsing the catalogue and purchasing everything you need. The simplicity and convenient nature of online shopping allowed many e-Commerce projects to quickly gain momentum and gather a lot of attention from customers.

There are several key advantages that My Canadian Pharmacy has:

  • Efficient interface. Usability is key factor when it comes to evaluating any online service. A mess of a website will never be popular. Users want to surf the net quickly. The average span of interest is very short. A study showed that most users spend less than 15 seconds on the main page. It is very important for any website. My Canadian Pharmacy has a very concise and simple interface that allows you quickly navigate and search for drugs that you need.
  • An expansive well-structured catalogue. What makes My Canadian Pharmacy stand out is their catalogue with hundreds of drugs and generics. From food supplements to high quality medications like Prozac, the store has all kinds of health products. If you want to purchase from a company that offers a wide variety of options, you will be more than happy to bookmark the My Canadian Pharmacy website.
  • My Canadian Pharmacy offers several suppliers and can offer a wide spectrum of prices on the same drug depending on the manufacturer. If you need a cheaper option, you should simply search in the catalogue. You don’t have to go to another online store.

My Canadian Pharmacy contact details:

  1. Company website –
  2. Expertly assistance on any question you might have regarding all the aspects of your experience with My Canadian Pharmacy:
  3. Contact us any time during the working hours you find convenient – get your questions attended to immediately: +1 (631) 371-36-59

Downsides of My Canadian Pharmacy:

  • The navigation may seem clunky at first. While the catalogue is organized quite well, newer users may be overwhelmed by the variety of options. Some pages are promoted more than others and attract more attention. Search functionality can also be improved.
  • Shipment delays do happen. This is not entirely a fault of My Canadian Pharmacy. Mailing services and delivery companies often have problems with delivering goods directly to the customer. You should be always ready for delays when shopping online. The issue is still not fully solved and may never be due to the complexity of shipping processes in general.

What Can You Buy at My Canadian Pharmacy?

The choice of goods is quite rich. Regardless of your health problems, you will be able to find something that will help in your particular case. Some people need help with mental problems while others are searching for better solutions for issues related to sexual performance. There is a pill for everything in this store. Do not hesitate and start exploring your options as soon as you get there. With over 200 items in the catalogue, finding the right drug will bit be that hard.

Check out the range of products offered by this brand:

  • Men’s Health. This is one of prevalent areas for online stores. Men do not like to when people around them talk about their weaknesses. Erectile dysfunction is always something that men are ashamed of despite the fact that thousands of males all over the world have problems on this front. My Canadian Pharmacy offers generics of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and many other similar medications.
  • Women’s Health. Not only men have problems related to sex. Some women also could use some pharmacological help. Various forms of means to increase libido are available to all female customers of this store.
  • Protecting your body from various microscopic organisms is highly important if you want to stay healthy and protect your body from diseases. Modern powerful antibiotics are quite expensive, but you can always find a way to cut corners by purchasing generics.
  • Depression is a very common thing for contemporary people. You should never leave mental issues without attention. The list of antidepressants at My Canadian Pharmacy includes Wellbutrin SR and Prozac. If you have problems with anxiety or need to balance your sleeping schedule, Buspar will help you greatly.
  • Blood Pressure. The cardiovascular system is a very important part of the body. People with arterial hypertension and various types of heart diseases will find all necessary drugs in the catalogue of My Canadian Pharmacy. Some of the most popular drugs are Benicar, Cozaar, Lipitor, and Lasix.
  • Cholesterol control. Reducing the amount of “bad” cholesterol is very important. There is a special class of drugs that will help you. Zetia, Zocor, and other medications are relatively inexpensive.
  • Allergy and asthma. There is nothing worse than having to regularly purchase expensive drugs from the store. Allergy and asthma are reoccurring diseases meaning that you need a way to spend less on medications without compromising the quality.
  • Weight management. Weight loss pills and teas help to support a diet and give you a helping hand when you need to quickly drop a couple of pounds. All preparations are effective all-natural blends like Mega Hoodia.
  • Food supplements. Various preparations that can help you to preserve your body in a healthy condition. Use Retin-A to protect skin and Lumigan to take care of skin.
  • If you have problems with your belly, you may think about purchasing effective generics that are cheap and easy to find. Amongst most popular choices are Nexium and Prevacid, both available at My Canadian Pharmacy.

The range of medications at My Canadian Pharmacy is quite big. You won’t find drugs that help with internal organs or antiviral medications, but the choice is still amazing. You will be able to save money on buying essential that must be in every household. From high quality generics to food supplements, this enterprise has everything it needs to attract your attention.

Good Branding: My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy is an easily recognizable brand that has been copied many times. If you want to purchase from the original enterprise, you should always go to There are a lot of copycats and websites that will try to deceive that they represent this company. The reputation of the brand is very good.

The company worked its hardest to create an interesting effective business model and level the playing field for both customers and smaller businesses. With their resultative work over the course of years, this enterprise managed to gather a lot of loyal customers and change the landscape of the online pharmaceutical market.

Reviews and Testimonials about My Canadian Pharmacy website


The overall user rating is about 4.6 stars out of 5. The vast majority of users are more than happy with the level of service and available products in the catalogue. There is no doubt that the company has a lot of merits and gathered dozens of good reviews. Most testimonials describe the company as a reliable store that ships goods on time and has one of the best catalogues in the internet. If you like the idea of working with a company like this, don’t even think about any other online store. reviews 2018 showcase a lot of love for the brand from satisfied customers and people who desperately need cheap medications to survive but cannot afford them. The My Canadian Pharmacy store features all sorts of cheap generics allowing people to buy drugs on a relatively small budget.

Discounts and Promotions at My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy is a company that offers a lot of ways to cut down your expenses on medications. Seasonal discounts, special loyalty programs, coupons, and many other ways to reduce the final price of your order will help you to avoid overspending when shopping for drugs and food supplements.

You should also try to find the right way to shop and utilize as many ways to reduce the price as possible. This website offers all customers an opportunity to unite and purchase pills in bulks thus saving on each large order considerably more than on smaller ones. While other companies also offer a wide variety of ways to cut down prices, My Canadian Pharmacy looks like a solid choice for discrete purchases of bulks of pills.

Discounts can be issued individually, you will only need to contact the support service directly and inquire about various ongoing discounts. Chances are you will find out about something that can dramatically reduce the amount of money you will have to pay for your order.

Why Should You Buy at My Canadian Pharmacy?

There are distinct benefits to purchase from My Canadian Pharmacy, you will be more than happy to work with the company and constantly enjoy various discounts. At the same time, this enterprise does not require you to provide the full package of personal information. If you want your purchases to be confidential, you can easily consult with the doctor, receive all necessary information regarding your disease and available medications.

This company is surely one of better choices when it comes to selecting a good reliable online outlet with various pills and generics of Rx drugs.