Why Are Clinical Depression Statistics Increasing Nowadays

A couple of years ago, you won’t hear of some issues about a certain person going to the doctor for some treatment for clinical depression.  But then again, time has really changed and there are hundreds of reasons why people e will tend to visit the doctor for clinical depression to a point that is so frequent like visiting him for a common cold.

But that is the reason why a person will be depressed?  Why is the number of depressed people continued to rise?

There are several reasons why this kind of condition would happen but they are usually overlooked by some.   But pharmaceutical companies did not fail to miss their opportunities on this matter that is why they are constantly developing certain drugs that will tend to be effective in treating this kind of condition.  Are they that good?  Yes, they might be but their main reason is profit.  This is because treating this kind of condition will tend to take some time.  Is it terrifying that pharmaceutical companies will tend to concentrate more on profit than to help the patients recover?  But then again we can’t deny this fact and this will always be true and because there are a lot of people who suffer clinical depressions nowadays, it is a mutual gain.

Too Much Time?

There are studies that showed the alarming rise of people who experience clinical depression.

What might have caused this sudden rise?

The main reason that contributed much to this situation is time.  Nowadays we have a lot of time in our hands that it can lead to some time of thinking on something that would make us so depressed.  Before people do not have so much time on their hands because almost all things are done manually and they have to work hard for them to effectively perform their day to day obligations.

This is one of the negative things that can be associated to our technological advancements.  Having some spare time to think about things more deeply will tend to make us realize and doubt on things that would lead to some confusions as time pass by.  And after thinking about it for some time, we will tend to develop and anxious feeling and if added up with some alarming issues, depression will tend to overwhelm us sooner or later.


Moreover, we tend to be on our own rather than be with friends or family.  The main reason behind this solitude is the advancement in technology in terms of entertainment like computers, iPods, phones and other forms.  These entertainment options will tend to separate if from the society.  You might think that these technologies can connect us to others like the internet and cellular phones but it goes the other way around.

Can these things be the main reason why the rate of people who experience clinical depression goes up?

The sad truth is that no one can possibly know the reason behind this increasing rate in terms of clinical depression cases.  Moreover, there are also no ways discovered on how to make it out r down.  But as long as we know that there are available treatments for it despite the fact that there are people who make the most out of it in terms of making some money, the hope of having the perfect treatment for this kind of condition can be attained sooner and later.